I just got my new kitten two days ago.  He is a beautiful kitten.  Right out of his crate he was a loving lap cat He didn't even hesitate.  He just ran up to me and sat on my lap when we opened the crate.  When he awakens from sleeping on me he plays his little heart out.  I could not have asked for a better personality.  He sleeps through the whole night without a peep and sleeps on my tummy the whole time.  If I was ever going to get another Bengal I would never even think about going to a different breeder.  I emailed Lanette or called almost every day with random questions.  They always replied with more than enough information and would reply almost immediately.  Thanks for being so reliable and efficient and giving my family the chance to have such an amazing kitten.

Thanks for everything,


I just wanted to let you folks know how wonderful the kitty has been.  It started eating and used the litter box the first day!  To say that is is a bundle of energy
 and endless source of entertainment doesn't do it justice.

With so many beautiful cats at your place it is hard to focus on just one.  Now that we have our kitten home we are both constantly amazed by it's beauty, energy and affectionate nature.  We couldn't be more thrilled.  Thanks again for such a wonderful addition to our household and we wish you continued success with your outstanding work.


Mike and Alex


n the less than two weeks that we've had Sammy, she has already become our family.  When she's not looking for trouble or acting like a monkey, she's totally affectionate and she has a great personality.  Just watching her try to befriend our other cat, Lil, is a comedy.  She runs at her and when Lil hisses, she becomes so submissive, but then just goes for it again.  Right now as I write this, she's with me on my chair, climbing all over my desk, trying to take things.  So, yes, we are enjoying her thoroughly and love her vey much already.

Thanks again,


Kimba is doing well, and in fact has settled into her new home quite wonderfully.  We love her so much!  It took less than a week for us to let her roam freely as she knows her way around our home already.  She is a great kitty, very talkative about what she wants, extremely playful and cuddly to boot.  She gives us so much love, even my husband is hooked on her.  We really do contribute her well being to her breeding from your home.  It is obvious how much you care about your animals - we have never had a cat like her.


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    Fantastic site!

    Fantastic site!